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"I find the imminate connection of the emotional body to the mind and soul intensely beautiful. Whenever I find ease in the mind, my physical pains dissolve. De-hydration of the soul, means drying out the cracks of the joints. These pains are experienced as real. They reflect in each layer of our being. In order to have clearness in our head, we need to clear our hearts. The Calling is the soul telling me to return. Ground. She is the birth of all that is. When her voice cracks, it tenderly does like joints.

I believe there will come an end to where these painpoints point. By listening. I am, before I am mine or yours.”

The Calling is a Record Store Day Exclusive, a individually numbered limited edition Vinyl on unique hand mixed moonstone vinyl.

1. Soul Syncable
2. 5d
3. Soothsayer
4. Energ1
5. Human Nature
6. Voodoov
7. Observer

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